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Ensuring your legacy lives forever

Videographers have long been recording the magic of wedding days and birthdays  but, we record the magic of one special life. If you want a video about your lifestory to share with your loved ones, then Moving Memoirs is here for you.

In an age of material abundance, it is often the most important parts of our lives that can be forgotten - our stories, our teachings, our journey and who came before us. These need to be told and recorded while we are lucid and not simply at the end of our lives. 

Moving Memoirs aims to tell your life's story so far in audio visual form to share with your loved ones. 

We get round to doing what often gets ignored.

We hold dear the need for confidentiality which is why we do not use any of our Moving Memoirs for marketing purposes and the copyright to your Moving Memoir is retained by you. 

To get an idea of what stages are involved in  receiving your Moving Memoir get in touch or click below.

Book an Initial Telephone Appointment

Call us to to either ask any queries you may have or to become a telephone appointment at a time of your choosing to discuss whether Moving Memoirs are right for you.


Join Moving Memoirs

We are always on the look out for those with skills in social research; should you have any to offer and would like to be part of our group, then please get in touch. 

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